When we were little kids, our mothers used to dry fruits with natural methods, then place nuts inside just to slip them in our hands before school or playing outside. That way, we would be healthier and have more vitamins and more energy to burn throughout the day. That’s what became is our inspiration.

We aimed to bring that natural snack we had when we were kids to everybody and set to work. We started to make researches on how to make it happen without using any preservatives, sweeteners or additives. With a skilled team experienced in clean and healthy production we created Levom which is made entirely of additive and gluten-free, vegan, raw, natural and dried fruits.

We say, “Health always comes first!” So we keep Levom wrapped inside the innovative packaging technology without using any preservatives. Thus we let you put it in your bag, drawer and pocket, just like your mother used to do.

Enjoy your meal…